Project Lead : Hiphen

Partners: Bosch, Agrial, INRA EMMAH

Project period:  2017-2021 


The main goal of the IOTA project is to provide a cost-effective solution that allows farmers and stakeholders in different agricultural sectors to monitor crops throughout their growing cycle and help them make the right decisions at the right time, be efficient and optimize their productivity.

The crops of interest are the main crop exploited by Agrial and represent most of the production in France. For each crop, the challenges were defined as follows:

  • Salad:  maturity and yield prediction are essential information to predict the placing time on the market. The time window between harvest date and consumption is around a week. This time window is crucial since a few days delay in harvest will impact strongly the quality of the crop which can make it non-marketable. Moreover, disease control and monitoring is an important issue in this type of crop production.
  • Wheat:  the two main objectives for producers and cooperatives are to improve management of farming operations and to get a better yield estimate. There are many decision-making tools for wheat (e.g. fertilization, disease, yield) that will benefit from the precision of the measurements made by the field sensor IoTA. Wheat is the most represented crop in France with 5.2 million ha, so this crop represents an important economic and environmental challenge.

Thanks to the IoT Field Sensor, different parameters can be measured in near real-time to characterize:

  •   climate: atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation;
  •  soil: temperature, soil moisture (water potential), surface brightness (to calculate transmittance);
  •   plant: RGB image, brightness (to calculate the reflectance), foliar index.

More info on the IoT Field Sensor here

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